Queen scallop shell pendant worn by NYC jazz performing artist, Lezlie Harrison
Seahorse pendant worn by NYC jazz performing artist, Lezlie Harrison

Alyxia Leaf|Nature Transformed by Craftsmanship

Our Design Process

Before a piece becomes a part of our collection, it goes through a rigorous design process that takes about two months to complete.

We first gather the finest grown leaves from both Australia and the United States, and then preserve them for two weeks to keep their freshness. From there, we choose the best leaves from the group—paying close attention to the intricate designs nature has drawn on each leaf. After gathering and selecting leaves (or one of our other natural  selections), they go through the electroforming process at our Kentucky design studio. 

Electroforming is the heart of Alyxia Leaf’s success, and is a surface treatment technique which involves  making an item electroconductive in order to bond a layer of a metal such as gold, silver, brass, or copper to its  surface. Aaron has a passion for chemistry, and gives careful attention to the unique characteristics of each leaf during the  electroforming process to be retained once the piece is a durable and malleable metal.

Instead of the common technique of using colloidal paints to make natural items electrically conductive, we employ an atomic deposition process that applies a fine metallic coating down to the cellular level on our natural items. Whereas colloidal paint is billions of molecules thick, applying it on the surface of an item will be too thick to see all the details  created by nature. After the atomic deposition process, we then electroform our natural items in copper to provide strength and durability.

After the piece is electroformed, a final coating of gold, silver, or brass is applied. Most recently, Alyxia Leaf has  experimented with patinas to give pieces color, expanding the range of our collection. Current colors offered include shades of green, blue, red, and purple. Once this is completed, the pieces are then coated with museum-quality wax, giving both protection and polish to our product.